This Bear Had The Best Reaction When A Woman Waved To Him


What reaction would you expect if you started waving at a bear?

Well, I surely wasn’t anticipating a bear to act like the one did in the video below. And that’s probably because of the fierce reputation these large animals have.

Sure, baby bears are cuddly and cute, like the ones rescued and temporarily placed at the Alaska Zoo. (One look at them will melt your heart!) But, when they become adults — some of them reaching as big as 600 lbs. — they can be very intimidating.

Yet, the one below proves that some big bears really aren’t as scary as we know them to be. Of course, I’m not talking about one that’s startled or with her cubs. This one was just hanging out in a field of grass.

In the hilarious clip, a woman is seen excitedly greeting the bear from a distance while sitting in her car. Seconds later, it seems he understands her gesture and reciprocates in an adorable way.

What’s even funnier is the moment she throws him a piece of bread at the :13 mark. I couldn’t believe how sharp and quick he is!

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