She kidnaps two kids and heads for the border – but then the 8-year-old remembers tip dad once gave her


Rodney Cole is a father of two young kids, and just like any father, he loves his children, does the best for them and protect them from any risks. However, he never expected one day he will experience such terrifying moment that would put his kids’ lives into danger.

While he was running errands, the single dad from San Diego drove to a beauty supply store and walked inside to buy some hair accessories for his 8-year-old daughter Malaiah. Since it was only taking him a few minutes, he left the car and the air-conditioning on while Malaiah and her 3-year-old brother in the car waited in the backseat.

Two minutes later, a strange woman noticed the car running with the two kids inside. And that’s when Rodney’s nightmare began. The woman quickly opened the driver’s side door, jumped in and drove off — heading straight towards the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego.

Rodney then realized what was happening. He ran through traffic on foot to stop the car and rescue the kids. Malaiah watched from her seat as her terrified dad ran from the store and banged on the car.

However, the woman rolled up the windows and ignored the dad’s pleas for her to stop. Rodney was left helpless as the car ran a red light and disappeared into the distance.

As one witness told KABC, the kidnapper was “probably less than two minutes away from actually crossing the border,” when 8-year-old Malaiah remembered something important.

Actually, Malaiah learned from her dad what to do in case of emergency.. And the brave little girl didn’t hesitate for a second to do the right thing to save herself and her brother from the dangerous situation.

Watch what Malaiah’s courageous act in the video below:
Well done Malaiah! What courage she showed in the face of a serious situation – it’s difficult to imagine someone so young having the presence of mind to act that way.

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