Little Rescue Puppy Melts Golden Retriever’s Heart In Minutes


Dogs are unique animals and their attitude varies greatly from one dog to another. Just like humans, it’s hard to know exactly how a dog will react to certain things in life. When one family gave their adult golden retriever dog a friend’s new puppy, they couldn’t quite figure out how to react. Will he accept a new friend, or will he be jealous that there is another dog nearby? Luckily, the whole process was filmed.

Viral Paws,Youtube

At the beginning of the video, a large dog is introduced to a small puppy that fits in the palm of its owner. Compared to a golden retriever, this pup looks like nothing more than a talking dog! The old dog is in complete doubt. According to the explanation in the video, the puppy is salvation.

When the puppy is put back in the cardboard box, the big dog will run to find it and try to crawl over the puppy and smell it. After he decided that the puppy was really a small dog, he decided it was time for this big boy to start playing. He takes the nearest shoe and tries to give it to the rope-pulling toy, but the puppy is too small to play with.

The puppy continues to be filmed on video as he grows up. In the next scene, the puppy is now big enough to drink milk from a small cup, while the big dog next to him is drinking from his big cup.

When the puppy is big enough to play, the golden retriever is happy to have a friend in play. Although puppies are still the size of old dogs, they love to chew and chase each other. Eventually, the golden retriever gets tired of the young dog’s energy and is forced to sit for a while. Realizing that it’s time to rest, the little puppy crawls between the legs of his big friend, leans over and falls asleep.

Source: APOST/Viral Paws