Dad Brings 4-Year-Old Son With Down Syndrome To Meet His Baby Brother For First Time


Sibling love is unrivaled. There’s an unbreakable bond you share with your brothers and sisters that no one can take away. That, plus all the memories and years of bonding together to forge such a strong relationship makes the ties all that much stronger. And when you’re the older sibling, it’s your duty to look after the young ones – especially as the big brother!

The brother who comes first, the eldest, is the leader and mentor. He’s the one who leads by example and sets out to protect and take care of the siblings to follow. The eldest is a little ahead on the path, and can, therefore, relay back some of life’s important messages and lessons and be a source of comfort as well as a safety net!

Little 4-year-old Kent probably doesn’t know this yet, but he sure feels it. It’s part of who he is and it’s his reaction that says it all. Kent just went from being an only child, the little man of the house, to becoming a big brother and his response to the wonderful news is just so sweet! Kent was born with Down Syndrome but that doesn’t stop this happy kid from living a life any less full of joy and delight!

This video is the moment Kent, and his dad arrive at the hospital to say hello to mom and meet baby Noah, the latest addition to the family. Wearing a navy blue sweater with the words “Big Brother” emblazoned on the front and clutching a blue bear in both hands, Kent tears down the hallway far ahead of dad to peek into the room where mom and baby bro are.

Thank goodness grandma’s recording, because missing this curious and adorable moment would have been such a shame. Kent is all smiles when he gets lifted onto the bed with mom, and a pillow is placed on his lap so he can securely snuggle beside baby Noah. It’s at this point, the young child looks into the face of the newborn, sizing him up, looking right into his little face to see him, understand him, get to know him and reach out to him. It’s a beautiful moment, one to make mom and dad tear up at the moment and from now on, every time they watch it!

Source: metaspoon