Dog Fell Down A Well And Starts Crying When She Sees Her Rescuers


When they got a call a poor dog had fallen down a well, they immediately sprang into action and began devising a plan to help her. With a long rope, a harness, and a brave young man, this sweet dog was able to be pulled from the deep well so she could be free.

When she sees her rescuers arrive, she begins sobbing uncontrollably! This sobbing is sure to break your heart because you can tell how truly relieved she is to finally have the help she needs so she can be free of her prison.

Thankfully, they are able to pull her up out of the well and put her on dry ground so she could be checked for injuries and be given food and water. What a heroic rescue this was! The man who pulled her out deserves to be honored! Enjoy and share with all your friends so they can too.