Little Boy Yells Unforgettable Word After Getting Adopted


Sometimes a miracle comes along that changes your life forever. That’s exactly what happened to Mandi Palmer and her husband Tyler, whose difficult life experiences were transformed by one little boy.

Mandi met her Tyler before his second deployment to Afghanistan. The pair fell in love, and their bond strengthened while he was serving his country for nine months.

Shortly after he returned to the United States, Tyler proposed. They wed a few weeks later and immediately made plans to start a family. Unfortunately, Mandi tried for years to get pregnant but struggled due to health issues.

Mandi has battled Crohn’s disease since the age of 15. She’s undergone numerous surgeries to manage the problem, and even after her stomach was rebuilt, she still struggled to absorb nutrients. She also receives monthly infusions to keep the disease in remission.

Tyler, meanwhile, has had his own struggles. He was diagnosed with severe PTSD due to his stint in the military and has sought help with the VA to make sense of his war life.

Mandi and Tyler were heartbroken when they realized that she was unable to carry a baby. But they didn’t give up hope and instead sought alternative ways to grow their family.

In their town of Perrysburg, Ohio, the couple kept hearing about the need for foster parents. They were a bit apprehensive but finally decided to make a commitment to the process.

After months of hard work, including home inspections and lots of paperwork, Mandi and Tyler were licensed as foster-to-adopt parents. Just days later they received a call to meet a baby boy named Hunter.

The parents-to-be quickly bought some necessities such as diapers and a car seat so they could bring him home. He was just eight days old.

Mandi and Tyler immediately fell in love with the infant. Mandi refers to him as their “medicine” because he was the reason why she and Tyler had to endure all the health battles they’ve battled.

All the pain and heartache was worth it because Hunter came into their lives. They made everything official by adopting Hunter just days before Christmas.

Then came the moment for the judge to read the adoption decree. As the judge declared it official that the family now had a new addition to their family, the courthouse wasn’t expecting the 16-month-old to shout one single word right after. Hunter looked at his father and shouted, “Dad,” then clapped his hands in excitement. The entire courthouse, and especially mom and dad, couldn’t help but get teary eyed after hearing their baby boy’s excitement firsthand. The timing of his one word shout couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

Hunter is the reason why Mandi and Tyler are able to cope with their debilitating health issues. Meeting him, loving him and being able to take him home permanently is the best medicine they could have ever taken and now their little family is complete.

Source : Sharetap