Woman Drives 1,400 Miles To Bring Lost Dog Back Home – Only To Find Out They Don’t Want Her Anymore


Blue is a beautiful one-year-old pit bull. She was wandering the countryside in Midland, Michigan when she was rescued. The workers and volunteers at the Humane Society of Midland County were thrilled to find that Blue had a microchip. It revealed that her original home was all the way in Florida.

One of the volunteers decided to return Blue to her family. After taking some vacation time, the volunteer drove 1400 miles, expecting a warm, happy reunion. As they arrived at her former home, Blue got excited as only a puppy can — but what happened next broke the volunteer’s heart.

Instead of being excited to have her precious pooch back, Blue’s owner said that she no longer wanted her. She claimed that she didn’t have the time anymore. At only 22, Blue’s owner already had a history with animals. The 22-year-old owner had three dogs, each of which have all been stolen or escaped from the property.

“She gave up the dog, after I drove more than 1,400 miles. The only thing she said was that she doesn’t have time to train the dog,” the worker from the Midland Humane Society in Michigan explained to Detroit Free Press.

The volunteer knew this wouldn’t be a good situation for such a good pup anyway. She figured that if she left Blue behind, the dog would likely wind up running away again. She packed up her car and hit the road again. She and Blue drove 1400 miles back to the Humane Society of Midland County.

Something good did come of the whole situation. Once Blue returned and news of what had happened to her spread, a number of families put in applications to adopt her. Now, Blue has been adopted into a loving home where she’ll be spoiled like the princess she is.