Why firefighters are stealing cellphones from beachgoers – an important message that I’ll never stop sharing


A video from a concerned emergency medical service crew is currently going viral on Facebook.

The reason? Its valuable message.

In the video, two firefighters approach some beachgoers — and grab their cell phones out of their hands. When the stunned beachgoers ask why, the firefighters point to their children playing in the water.

“Give your cell phone a rest while you’re on the beach,” the emergency service crew wrote on Facebook.

The use of cell phones has proven to be dangerous and harmful in a variety of ways. Among other things, using cell phones while driving has lead to an increase in accidents and subsequently, a ban in at least 30 countries. In addition, a study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry showed that distracted parenting — like looking at a cell phone while caring for a child — can have detrimental effects on that child’s development.

Now, the debate over cell phone use has spread to another location — the beach. Instead of watching their children playing in the water, some parents are sitting on the shore with their heads buried in their phones. It’s basically a tragedy waiting to happen!
A concerned emergency medical service crew in Sweden noticed the situation was worsening in their area and decided to do something about it.

A viral Facebook video
The Södra Älvsborg Rescue Service Association decided to address the problem by making a viral video. Thei idea was to send a clear message and try and spread it as far as possible.

In the video, firefighters walk up to parents using cell phones on the beach and snatch their devices right from under their noses. Then, the firefighters explain to the parents that they should have their eyes on their children, not on their screens.

The video was posted last Friday and has already reached thousands of people. And while the video was made in Sweden, it’s message is universal and can’t be emphasized enough. Give your cell phone a rest on the beach! And give your children your full attention.