A 79-year-old mother with a disability who buried her son alive for three days without food and water


Police report that a woman was found three days after being buried alive by her son in the Chinese province of Jining.

This week, a video appeared on the net about how the police dig a grave and drag 79-year-old Van Mo.

According to local sources, 58-year-old Ma Mo put his disabled mother in a wheelchair and drove her out of the house on the evening of May 2. He returned home the next day, but neither his mother nor his cart were with him.


Ma’s wife, Zhang Mou, became suspicious and asked her husband what had happened to his mother, who provided an explanation that someone could convince her. According to reports, my mother told her that she had taken the mother on a date with relatives, but she went to the police station and complained.


During the interrogation, Ma confessed to having dumped his mother in an abandoned tomb in a forest south of Jingbian County. Police swiftly rescued the elderly woman, taking her to hospital for treatment.

Yes! Who can represent himself to bury his mother alive? I misunderstood what was going on in this man’s head to do so.

Source: Newsner