Grandma sings to baby girl. Moments later, baby’s comeback has mom running for the camera


Babies need a lot of love, care and attention. With that, it doesn’t take long for the baby to feel and then put a little smile on his face, rewarding mom or a sibling with this priceless gift. Having a little baby in the house, brings sleep deprivation, tiredness but also happiness and joy to the family. In the video below, Grandma is thrilled to be snuggling with her little love bug and decides to sing to her.

According to Psychology Today Website, Music may play an important role in an infant’s development. Singing to your infant is your child’s first language lesson and can prevent language problems later in life.

Even if you feel like you “can’t sing” or you are “tone deaf”–that doesn’t actually matter! Your baby does not care. Your baby loves your voice and feels connected to your way of singing, regardless of whether you sound like Mariah Carey or like 75% of first-round American Idol contestants. Additionally, the good that can happen by you singing to your baby will far outweigh any personal insecurity.
You can start by singing to your child in utero. A fetus begins to process auditory signals at about 25 weeks. This is one of the reasons why newborns prefer to hear the voice of their mother–it’s the most familiar voice to them!

In the video below, it’s Grandma who is serenading her little sweetheart with the classic song “I’m in the Mood.”

Now watch how the beautiful baby stares into Grandma’s face while listening to her singing. At certain moment, it seems like she’s trying to match her pitch. Their duet is simply precious! Mom quickly hit record the moment she watched the scene unfold. Grandma can’t stop giggling after their first version. Watch this little cutie pie’s expressions in the video below and listen to her singing right along with her loved one. It’s so adorable!

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