Selection of Street Performers Carry out a Classic Song


Across the Internet you will find many videos which outline the skills that individuals have at playing live music to an audience.

In this short but heartwarming video we see a selection of skilled performers who are playing the classic song, “Stand By Me”.

The video starts with an individual who is basking in front of a crowd of people and sings the song whilst they give him change for his brilliant performance.

Playing For Change,Youtube

The video then cuts to a selection of other highly skilled performers who are also performing the same song but who are doing it in different locations.

One of the individuals is blind and cannot see, but is carrying out the performance incredibly well. This is a heartwarming video that will appeal to individuals who appreciate good music and good performances.

If you would like to see how good these performers are at carrying out this classic song then click the following link and enjoy the video.