Gordon Ramsay Has One Steak Secret. When I Try, It’s The Best I’ve Ever Made


Gordon Ramsay is as close as one gets to being a rock star in the culinary world. His restaurants have been awarded more Michelin stars than I’ve got fingers to count them, and he’s starred in practically as many TV shows. With this much clout, it’s easy to understand why you might want to take notes when he gives you some tips on how to cook a steak.

If you asked me what the best way to cook a steak, I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell you to grill it. Apparently, I’m all off. Chef Ramsay’s method involves a stovetop, a pan, and lots of butter. Have you ever cooked a steak this way?

Tell us how it went in the comments below. When I tried, I couldn’t believe the result — it was unequivocally the best steak I’d ever cooked. Share this with your friends on Facebook, and they’ll be thanking you later!