Mama Dog Just Gave Birth To Her Puppies, Now Watch What Dad Is Going To Do


After giving birth to four cute puppies, A female German Shepherd is totally exhausted by the end of the process, but the father of the pups is right there by her side giving her a lot of love.

As her little puppies squiggle and only care about getting milk, the mama dog was completely tired. The puppies all came out healthy but the poor mom just wished to rest so she can catch a breath after a long struggle. Her body was also probably aching as well.

Showering her face with soft kisses, the male can’t keep showing his love and affection towards the mother as he cuddled next to her.

The video of the canine family has stole the hearts of millions of people, with many viewers commenting on how sweet the father dog is to his wife and how cute the hungry puppies were.

It is beautiful to witness such expression of love between two animals. This video shows just another side of dogs we rarely see each day.