Dog And Baby Are Eyeing Same Piece Of Chicken, Then Boy’s Intentions Are Clear


While dog videos are cute, dog + baby videos are even cuter. We’ve seen dogs cuddling with babies and dogs laying by babies as they nap. However, the video down below brings something a little different to the table, but it’s just as adorable.

Baby Sam was standing by the coffee table, banging it hard, and just doing the things babies do. His dog, Beau, was standing on the other side, staring, not at Sam but at a piece of chicken in the middle of the table. It’s actually quite funny because the dog is standing and staring as if they’re about to have a final showdown for who gets the chicken. All the video is missing is the classic western shootout music and tumbleweed rolling in the background.

Eventually, Sam starts making his way around the table, and the movement gets Beau walking too. Immediately, Beau walks to where he’s right in front of the chicken—probably thinking, “Yes! I beat the tiny human!”—and throws two paws up onto the coffee table.

While Sam continues to slam the table, Beau is trying his hardest to get his hands—sorry, paws—on the chicken. He’s trying to push himself forward with his back legs but just can’t reach it.

With one paw, he starts scratching the table in an attempt to grab it. Unfortunately, his leg is too short. He tries to grab it with his mouth, but that too is a failure.

So, he tries with the other paw, and it looks like he’s about to reach it, but by then it doesn’t matter anymore because Sam, who was standing there watching Beau struggle, decides to help.

The smart baby clearly noticed that his dog was struggling, so he goes ahead and reaches with his own tiny hand and moves the chicken by Beau’s paw so he can get it. Beau chows down on the chicken and gets off the table happily. The entire interaction is insanely cute.

Source: Metaspoon