He Pokes A Stick Through A Hot Dog. Why


If I had to choose a last meal, I’d have to go out with a bang and have a big, old-fashioned barbecue. Cold drinks, burgers, watermelon, corn, and, of course — hot dogs!

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love a nice frank, but no matter what you put on top of it, the hot dog has to be cooked the right way. After seeing this video, I realize I’ve probably been cooking up dogs wrong for my entire life. Get ready, hot dog enthusiasts, because this is pretty life-changing.

In this video, brought to us by Blake Smith of Chow.com, we learn how to get a perfectly cookedfrankfurter every time using only a skewer and a knife. Smith spiral-cuts the dog to maximize its grilling potential, which also leaves lots of room to saturate the dog with your favorite condiments.

Spiral-cut hot dogs are a genius idea for anyone with little kids, but I can’t wait try this for myself! How delicious does it look?!