Man Discovers Scared Baby Monkey Alone In Road Realizes What Happened And Knows He Has To Act Fact


Jerry the monkey had a very rough start. Her mother perished on a roadway, leaving behind an injured and emotionally traumatized baby. The man who found Jerry couldn’t believe she was alive. So he took her to the Vervet Monkey Foundation in Tzaneen, South Africa, in the hopes of finding her the help she needed. More than 700 monkeys reside at this vast facility who have been injured or illegally kept as pets. If they cannot be rehabilitated and released back into the wild, they live out the remainder of their lives with their troop, or family, here.

Jerry sustained a broken foot and bruising down her tail. She spent 2.5 weeks with her foot bandaged, being nursed with a bottle and receiving tons of cuddles. But instead of keeping her isolated, the workers began socializing her. While in quarantine, Jerry met a rescued monkey but had trouble playing and interacting because of her bandages. So she sucked on her fingers and peered at everyone with saucer-sized soulful eyes. More and more monkeys met Jerry and were intrigued by the purple, green and red tape on her foot. Those caring for Jerry decided to remove her bandage and see how she did.

Instantly, Jerry began walking around, bonding with everyone. The next step before setting Jerry free with a potential new family was to match her with a foster mom who would show her how to behave like a monkey and be part of a troop. As the workers prepared to introduce Jerry to her potential new mom Mrs. Gold, they fretted that the two might not bond, no matter how badly Jerry needed her. Would this pairing work? See how absolutely precious Jerry is and discover what lies ahead for this little cutie pie in the video below.