Man Performs To “Footloose” During Ice Skating Routine


Summer is here in full swing and it is HOT. Even those of us who are used to warm summer months are complaining about the constant heat that never seems to fade, even at night.

It’s even worse for people in generally cooler regions where they are not used to the heat and may not have air conditioning in their homes.

As we sit here sweating, drinking cool beverages, and trying to find new ways to beat the heat and get out of the sun, it’s hard to remember that winter and cold temperatures are only a few months away.

The days are already getting shorter and before long, we’ll be wearing cozy sweaters and scarves and drinking something that is pumpkin flavored but probably shouldn’t be.

We may be complaining about the heat right now, but it’s not long before we’re complaining about the bitter cold.

So, to get you in the mood for the winter months, I have something fun to do in the cold — ice skating!

Well, it’s fun for this very talented skater and the entire audience that he entertains. For me, ice skating is cold, difficult, and often painful. I definitely spend more time falling down and getting back up than actually skating and enjoying myself.

But, this skater knows how to have fun and make an exciting and difficult routine look absolutely effortless!

When the song “Footloose” comes on, I can’t help but tap my feet and do a little dance in my chair.

The iconic song not only makes people want to dance but brings back memories of Kevin Bacon in the “Footloose” movie.

Honestly, I only remember the basic story from the movie, but what I remember most is the dancing.

There are few people who don’t immediately recognize the song and the dance moves that go along with it.

Kevin did a stellar job with the movie’s dance scenes and years later, they are still being recreated in one way or another.

Doing the whole routine certainly takes a lot of rhythms and athletic talent, so I can’t imagine performing those same moves on ice skates. But, that’s exactly what this skater does.

When the iconic song begins to play, the skater, dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans that resemble those from the movie, breaks out in the memorable dance moves and adds his own amazing tricks to the routine. The crowd went wild and so did I!

I dare you to watch the video below without dancing along! Please like and share!