She spots a soldier at attention under heavy downpour and I can’t help crying.


In this current world, things are changing at a faster rate. For instance, what used to be considered as common social knowledge, are no longer regarded or not being practiced. These days, when a woman is leaving a table, men don’t stand, or kids are not patient enough to let grownups to serve food first before they can.

Though it is not a must we follow these customs to the letter, it can be seen how some of our traditions which portrayed signs of respect have been forgotten.

Looking closely, the custom that is seen to be forgotten greatly is the showing respect when a funeral ceremony is underway. It goes without doubt that many people do not know what is supposed to be done when they are in a funeral procession.

It is at this time that we normally see people paying some respect, something that moves people’s heart a great deal. This is exactly what Erin Hester witnessed when she was driving in town not many days ago.

There was a heavy downpour while she was behind the wheel. Then she saw someone by the roadside standing at attention in the rain. On looking well, that somebody was a soldier.

This made her be curious and wanted to see what he was really doing there. Then from a distance, she saw a funeral procession that was approaching, with the vehicles’ headlights one.

Seeing what was happening, she also had to pull aside to let them pass. It was such a touching moment that she had to share the story on her Facebook page once she got home.

On her post, she wrote that she never liked people who don’t pull aside when a procession is happening, but what the soldier did was beyond her expectation. She further wrote that there are no rules forcing a soldier to do what she saw a soldier doing. Instead, the soldier was paying his last respect to the diseased.

The soldier’s deed of paying last respect to someone who he did not know made her happy.

Her post received a lot of views and comments. One comment was from a person known as Brandi Guillet, in which he thanked Erin for posting the clip and saying that the soldier was brought up in an environment full of love and respect.

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