Strange Marking Made This Foal An Overnight Sensation


I’ve seen some really unique and gorgeous markings on horses but one foal in particular has been stealing the spotlight. Meet Da Vinci, or Vinny for short, a chestnut foal who was born at the Flying Hall riding school at Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. Vinny was born with a very peculiar marking: a white silhouette of another horse running up along his left shoulder and into his mane. It’s truly a sight to behold and will most certainly cause a lot of double-takes from onlookers. It’s really no wonder that Vinny’s photos have gone viral! What a stunning horse!

Vinny’s marking looks just like the silhouette of another horse!

The marking runs seamlessly into his mane.

The horse was named Da Vinci because his owner though that the marking was truly a work of art!

No matter where Vinny goes, he’s sure to turn heads!

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