Flower girl starts dancing at wedding reception – then the song changes and everyone loses it


Formal events like weddings are often fancy affairs that everyone hopes will go off without a hitch. We all want the bride to have her perfect day and for everything to go just right. Regardless of whether the wedding took years to plan or weeks, it can be extremely stressful for planners and for those in charge of making it all come together without a hitch.

Then, there are the kids, the flower girls, the pages, and the all-important ring bearer. While they usually seem to enjoy taking part in the big day, wearing fancy clothes and getting to play an important role, they also tend to provide a comedic touch of relief. All eyes are on the little ones to see what antics they might get up to, a welcome excuse for laughter in an otherwise refined ceremony.

As soon as the wedding is over, the kiddos are ready to get back to having fun. The reception is an excuse for everyone, of all ages, to socialize, break loose, and have some fun to celebrate the bride and groom. Once again, it’s the kids who tend to provide comic relief, especially when it’s time to hit the dance floor. But in this story, one flower girl really takes that to a new level you have to see to believe.

While the adults seem content to sit at the tables around the dance floor, this flower girl wearing a pink ribbon breaks loose, dancing to “Baby” by Justin Bieber. She makes her way around the whole dance floor, as the crowd howls with laughter. A couple of gentlemen and one woman try to get in on the fun, but this little girl clearly wants the spotlight all to herself.

She shows off some fancy footwork, but then the music changes to “Gangnam Style” by Psy. She doesn’t miss a beat, clearly recognizing the song as she busts a move. Then the crowd really loses it because she appears born to dance to this song. The audience climbs to their feet to get the best view as she just keeps going with no sign of letting up. As the crowd laughs and cheers her on, she goes so fast that her ribbon bounces off but that doesn’t slow her down either.