Elderly Man Spotted On All Fours At Cemetery As Cameras Capture Sight Hard To Ignore


Clarence and Carolyn, the epitome of true love, met in 1948 as teenagers — it was love at first sight. They married, started a business called Purvis Garage, then started a family. They parented three children, then later were blessed with six grandchildren and eventually great-grandchildren. They worked together, ate together, and pretty much did everything together. The two had been married for 64 years when Carolyn passed away, leaving behind a forlorn Clarence. At age 93, this Georgia native tries to cope with the loss of his wife by staying busy.

To walk into his home is to enter a shrine to Carolyn. The walls are covered with pictures and posters of her. He even leaves her favorite lamp on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those who knew the happy couple would agree with Clarence’s statement that, “Ain’t nobody loved one another more than me and wife loved one another.” But one thing remains the same. They still go to lunch together. Clarence carries with him a folding picture frame that has two photos of his wife and sets it on the table of his booth at the local diner that they’ve eaten at every single lunch, six days a week, for decades.

His devotion doesn’t stop there. He carries with him 4×6-inch photographs of her beautiful headstone and her favorite light that’s on their home, handing them out to strangers at the diner and sharing their love story, saying “Never a girl prettier than her.” He kisses her picture, gets up from the table, then leaves. But Clarence isn’t done lavishing love upon his beloved wife just yet. Four times a day, every day, he visits her gravesite. He tells her, “I wish you could go home with me. I’d trade places with you.” Then, he gets down on his hands and knees and does this… The man’s daily routine has since gone viral. It’s no wonder. What a touching love story!