This Has To Be The WORST Wedding Disaster Of All Time


Is there anything more beautiful than marriage? Two people making that special vow to love, honor, and protect one another until the day they die — it just melts my heart.

That’s why, for many, your wedding day is the one day of your life that you really, really don’t want anything to go wrong. Of course, the universe always has its own plans for your big day, but some accidents are easily preventable. And, as you will see in the following hysterical video, you can never account for other people’s clumsy actions.

In this hysterical clip, Chloe and Keith are tying the knot. Everything is going great — until the priest asks for the best man to hand over the sacred rings. What happens next has to be the absolute worst thing a bride can imagine on her wedding day.

I won’t ruin the ridiculous ending, but I will say it is definitely worth watching all the way through. Can you imagine this happening to you?!

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