60 heartbroken bears lived their entire lives in tiny cages. Watch their reaction when they finally roam free


PETA is a pro animal organization that has been helping wildlife and domesticated animals for years. One of their missions is to ensure that animals are not being treated cruelly. If they discover that this is happening they will use their resources to stop this type of abuse.

As of July 2017, PETA has managed to save at least 60 bears who were being forced to live in substandard conditions. They had managed to save bears from roadside zoos, bear pits and backyard pens. Over the years, people have been stealing or snatching cubs away from their homes and forcing them into shoddy pens to live a miserable lifestyle.

PETA wants these bears to be placed back into their natural habitats where they can thrive. This organization does everything it can to ensure that no animal is being mistreated.

They encourage all people to stand up against animal cruelty and to help end it wherever it is found.