Couple Pose For Wedding Photos When Unassuming Horse Pulls Sneaky Stunt They’ll Never Forget


On a woman’s wedding day every bride has high hopes that their special day will go without any glitches or hiccups. Unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking as something is bound to happen. Whether it’s something small or something major one learns to just roll with the punches and enjoy their day the best they can. After Chris and Cozen O’Conner said their ‘I do’s’ the couple posed for picture outside to mark the momentous occasion, only it quickly took a turn when a horse standing closeby stole the show.

The groom and his lovely bride are all smiles as they happily embrace and pose in a picturesque scene outside. The trees are lush and green and so far their special day has gone without a hitch. As they pose there is a horse standing on the opposite side of a fence grazing some grass. He’s simply minding his own business and paying no attention to the couple. That’s when the photographer tells the bride and groom to look into each others eyes so the bride and groom oblige. They’re looking directly at each other when suddenly the horse steals the show by ripping a giant fart. Immediately, the bride and groom lose it.

The sight is hysterical as the cameraman can’t contain his laughter. Everyone is taken by complete surprise as the cameraman continues to record the bride and grooms reactions. The cameraman then turns to face the photographers and they too can’t resist laughing. What a hilarious sight that caught them all off guard. Watch the hilarious and memorable sight for yourself in the video below.