German Shepherd Is Hungry and Wants Food, Tells Owner in Hilarious Manner


The German shepherd, Apollo, is starving in spite of the fact that he has eaten now. Watch as the dog does all he can to have his master know that it is eating time.

You cannot at all times direct when your stomach gets ravenous. In any case, Apollo can’t. Even though he has just eaten, he is once more prepared for some more food.

The pooch sits before of his bowl and gazes at his owner with a stunning looking face. When the man can’t understand it, Apollo tilts his plate over to offer him a hint that he would like to munch. His master questions him if he can help with anything.

Apollo goes to the storeroom and inhales. His master then opens the door. Inside the pantry, is the pooch’s food, so it is evident what the dog wants. The man asks him if he wants some grub and if he is starving. Apollo gets thrilled that his master eventually said what he wanted. Regrettably, the man jogs the dog’s memory that it is noon and that he ate a few minutes ago.