Todd Hoffman Sings Brilliant Cover of “Sound of Silence”


You have probably heard some epic performances of “Sound Of Silence” before. Ever since David Draiman’s cover with the band “Disturbed,” few songs have become known as a powerhouse for vocals like this one.

Everything about the song speaks to the intensity that it has been given by singers of the past. Simply listening to the words speaks for itself.

Yet there is one singer in particular who brings out another side to the song, which is what you’re about to see below. Slightly softer and with all the vocal power you could ever want is this astounding cover by Todd Hoffman.

Better known for his Discovery Channel show, many people were not expecting such an epic performance from the ‘Gold Rush’ star Todd Hoffman. It’s totally understandable.

Todd Hoffman is known for other things like gold mining, being a smart businessman in the mining industry and taking care of the family. Oh, and of course his signature beard fit for the wilderness.

Until now, singing was something even some fans didn’t know he was capable of. Now, he records a “quick” video with a friend that shocks everyone.

According to the singer, it wasn’t an easy song to perform. In fact, performing a song with this kind of vocal range is a huge feat.

Todd remarked that he knows he still has a long way to go. But if he isn’t at the top of his game yet, then we can’t wait for when he is.

Hearing this classic song from Todd Hoffman will blow you away. His voice is rough and powerful, but he hits the high notes like a professional.

Take a listen to this amazing recording below!