Curious Parrot Listens To A Song On The Piano, His Next Move


Anyone saying that some birds can’t talk hasn’t seen a smart parrot.

Take the case of this little bird called Ollie. Ollie the African Grey has a soft spot for good music, and so much that when a good hit comes on, the parrot ends up joining in. Before you know it, he has his own band doing the works!

The clip captures the moment Ollie pulls off one heck of a performance when a song plays. If thought that a simple little parrot can’t dance, you must be dead wrong. You just need to see this video to accept the fact that this particular bird isn’t your normal voice-mimicking parrot. This one here is a music star already going places with his talent!

Watch as Ollie takes on the song to join in the singing. He clicks and dances, shaking his whole and throwing his neck around. At one point, he even notices it when the band stops. Smart! From the look of it, this creature is having the kind of fun every one of us wishes for!