This Cute Cat Overcame Her Birth Defect In The Most Amazing Way


We’ve seen some pretty incredible animals who have overcome difficult disabilities here at LittleThings — and we love them all! Our motto is that every animal deserves the same love and respect, no matter where they came from…just like humans deserve, too. That’s why we like to root for the underdog, although in this case, we’re referring to a very unique “under-cat.”

Recently, we shared this story about Anakin, an adorable and amazing two-legged cat who doesn’t let anything slow him down. Now we meet another kitty who has the same exact condition…only this funny feline has something extra special about her. Like Anakin, Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux was born without her two front legs and has tiny stumps in her place. She’s also got a stumpy tail that looks pretty cute, but is actually pretty difficult to live with. Yet, despite her disabilities, nothing stops this cutie from constantly racing around like any other “normal” cat would.

You might be wondering how Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux got her name and once you watch the following video, you’ll understand why. Instead of relying on a wheelchair or something to help her get around easily, this cat hops around like a bunny rabbit all on her own. She’s a real inspiration for anyone struggling from difficulties in their own lives and I just love watching her go!

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