Cat Makes An Unusual Chattering Sound When He Sees Bird, Owner Immediately Runs For Camera


All animals have their individual hunting techniques. Some enjoy staying low to the ground before making a run for it while others enjoy hiding in a bush before pouncing on their nearby prey.

Others can travel virtually at the speed of light and prefer to straight dash towards their game. Then some animals give themselves away each time they try to “hunt.” In the end, hunting is a craft that must be approached in swift ways. It’s all about survival of the fittest.

One gone-viral kitty by the name of Charlie has a unique hunting tactic — or more like, hunting lingo. Fortunately, it was caught in live action, and it’s way too cute!

Charlie, the cat, was peering out of the window, one day, only to spot birds hanging on his patio. His owner noticed that he was making short, high-pitched, reasonably quiet chattering sounds as he was attempting to hunt. In fact, Charlie frequently makes this sound whenever he sees prey.

According to his owner, “My cat, Charlie loves watching birds and squirrels on the patio. We throw birdseed on the patio for Charlie, so birds will come close to the window. He loves watching them every day, and we always hear him chirping.”

While more scientific research is required, it is believed that this chattering sound is a way for cats to attempt to mimic the sounds of their prey with a goal to essentially “become one” with them. Others say that these chattering noises are a way for felines to concentrate, demonstrate their excitement, or to even display their frustration.

If you have a pet cat, does your feline friend perform this same chattering sound when in the midst of hunting?

What other hunting tactics does your pet have?

Regardless of its intent, it’s a pretty neat feature if you ask me!

Don’t forget to check out the hilarious hunting feline below.