Woman keeps finding pink flowers on her porch every day – one day she finally catches her secret admirer in action


Moving into a new home can feel both a little scary and exciting. Partly because it always takes some time to settle in and get used to your new surroundings, but also because you have no idea who your neighbors are.

Hopefully you have nice neighbors that you feel comfortable enough to ask for a cup of sugar if needed, but I’ve also heard horror stories about neighbors who make the lives of those living around them a misery.

When Rosie moved into her new house in the U.K. she suspected one of her neighbors might be a secret admirer; every time she went outside she found pink flowers on her porch.

At first she thought the wind had blown them outside her house but the weather didn’t tie in with that theory and why was it that it was only pink flowers that ended up outside her house?

It was then she began to suspect she had a secret admirer.

One day when she was preparing dinner she caught a glimpse of the admirer. It was a girl and she had a flower in her mouth.

She rushed to fetch her camera so she could record the flower girl in action.

This furry little creature had been entering Rosie’s porch time after time to leave a small floral gift. The admirer was no less than the neighbor’s cat, Willow.

Rosie had met Willow when she moved in but she had no idea she was such a charmer.

It did not take long until Willow began to sit outside Rosie’s window and wouldn’t go away until Rosie let her in.

But Rosie is not the only one who Willow leaves flowers for. She is very popular in the neighborhood and is said to be the queen of at least six gardens.

“She clearly likes us because she steals flowers from (her owners) and leaves them on our deck. It was at least ten flowers before we realized it was her.” Rosie told