These Great Danes Are Absolutely Captivated By These Water-Splashing Horses


Dogs are pretty easily distracted; there’s no doubt about it. Oftentimes, they end up getting distracted by a new toy, unexpected noises, or even their own tail! One of the best distractions a dog can encounter, though, is another animal. Loyal and playful at heart, pooches are never too shy to make new friends, and it’s interesting to them to witness other creatures go about their day.

Whether the other species in question tend to have similar habits to the staring pups or completely different ones, their daily activities can make for an interesting observation! Just ask the Great Danes in the video below. They can’t get enough of their horse friends’ splashing!

These horses know how to lap up the best water, bathe, and cool off all at the same time. Their smaller furry friends are totally amazed by their grace and majesty as they enter the water without hesitation. The pups even follow suit when they’re especially intrigued by what they’re watching! Isn’t it amazing how animals respond to one another? It just goes to show you that dogs can be friends with absolutely anybody, and they’re not afraid to try new things based on the tendencies of those around them!

Watch how excited the dogs get as they see the giant horses move about the pond. Have you ever seen an animal so excited over watching another go for a swim? This is too cute for words! It’s unbelievable how taken aback these pooches are by their larger counterparts’ behavior.

You don’t want to miss this adorable footage. It’s certainly going to make you smile! Be sure to share the clip with your family and friends to give them a good laugh. Then, leave your thoughts on the Great Danes’ behavior in the comment section down below!