These Young Girls Masterfully Perform “The Star Spangled Banner”


The Cactus Cuties are their name and they sure live up to it! These adorable girls range in age from 8 to 13 and they are also super-talented. In this video, they are performing before a basketball game. As they masterfully sing “The Star Spangled Banner”, your pride in the United States will soar! Their performance is so flawless, you will not be able to believe it was done by such young girls!

What an amazing performance this truly is. These young girls have clearly worked hard for this honor and they owned the song from the very beginning. They harmonize so perfectly together, it is truly an honor to watch them perform this special song. While watching, you may feel your patriotic pride rise high so do not feel ashamed to sing along with these cuties. After you have enjoyed this amazing performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so the rest of the world can enjoy their talent.