Bulldog Is So Lazy He Growls At His Owner Over The Mere Suggestion Of Going Outside


This bulldog is living the life of luxury and does not have to worry about a thing. In this video, he is laid back, relaxing on the sofa and does not want to be disturbed. Even though he asked for his owner to let him sleep, she is evidently not having it! When she wakes him up and tells him it is time to go outside, he begins to growl in the most hilarious way!

You will laugh out loud each time the owner asks the bulldog to get up and he lets out a growl. It is so funny to see him laying there, attempting to quickly close his eyes and pretend he did not hear her. He growls every time she utters the words. Each time she tells him to get up, his expression is simply hilarious to watch. Check him out while he is being lazy and Please SHARE on Facebook.