Toddler and dog play catch together


When Erin Richter’s son, Landon, had a friend come over to play on Wednesday, she never thought a video of a game they play all the time would be the cutest thing on all the internet just one day later.

But that’s what happened when Richter posted a video on her son’s friend Conway playing fetch over the fence with the neighbor’s dog. The video has been viewed 2 million times so far.

Richter, who lives in Savage, Minnesota, told “Good Morning America, “We think it is so crazy the video is getting so much attention because we play catch every day with Dozer so this is our normal!! But we love that it is making everyone smile.”

Dozer is such a good doggie that he plays with Richter’s son Landon all the time. Here they are the very first time they played the game a year and a half ago.