Beautiful Baby Girl Won’t Stop Crying Until Daddy Finally Figures Out The 1 Trick That Works Every Time


Obviously mesmerized by her daddy, sweet little Aria will only calm down when he’s near. Even though his presence will sometimes do the trick, it’s the sound of her father’s soothing voice that always gets her to stop crying mid-tantrum. There’s a reason why Aria only calms down to dad’s voice – he’s a well-known singer and songwriter. Aria’s father, Tyrone Wells, has 11 albums to his name and a sea of fans from one coast to the other! Even though his supporters are die-hard, no one loves his music more than Arial.

While babies certainly hear their mother’s voice in the womb more often, Parenting Magazine says that it’s equally as important for fathers to speak to their children before they’re born. The site explains, “Research shows that unborn babies can recognize their mother’s (and possibly their father’s) voice starting at 32 weeks. So belt out your best karaoke, read [the baby] an article from Esquire or just let [them] know how your day went.” Clearly, Tyrone did the same thing and built a bond with his baby girl before she was born. So now, when she’s feeling down, frustrated or sleepy, Dad’s voice is all she needs to calm down.

As soon as Dad starts to sing, Aria’s face lights up. An ear-to-ear smile spreads and she listens intently – even mouthing a few words all by herself. Take a peek at this sweet family moment in the video below. You can’t help but crack a smile and shed a tear or two as she sings along with her daddy! Their heartwarming daddy-daughter relationship will only grow stronger as she grows older.