Funny Footage Shows Why Grandma Wants Out Of Car Pronto


If you’ve ever been on an extended road trip with your family, then you know that keeping everyone entertained can sometimes prove to be next to impossible. These days kids have tablets and smartphones to keep themselves occupied, but what are you supposed to do to keep grandma happy during the long drive? Well, not every grandmother wants to take a nap, bury their noses in a good book, or crochet your next Christmas sweater. The grandma is this video clip actually wanted out of the car, but the adorable reason why will have you smiling.

This cheeky granny had her own ideas about what constituted a fabulously fun way to pass the time, and when the mood hit she had no problem expressing herself. After Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” came on the radio, grandma couldn’t wait to open the car doors and hit the ground running with her slick dance moves. By the looks of it, this little ball of energy has been holding it in for way too long! Her family grabbed the camera and started filming as she unleashed her adorable hip wiggles, shoulder shimmy’s, and down-low moves.

Sometimes no matter where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing, or even how old you are, when the right song hits the air you just have to get up and dance. If age is just a number, then this happy-go-lucky nana is most definitely still a teenager! It just proves that you’re never too old to dance like nobody’s watching – but in this case, she wants actually wants you to! Luckily, you can watch the video below to see this lively cutie do her thing. It’s no surprise the footage has since gone viral.