Husky wakes the baby in the most subtle way


In a recent video, Millie Husky woke up a little boy named Parker.

Parents wrote in a video that their son Parker fulfills his dreams almost every day, and Millie’s dog is always waiting for the opportunity to meet the child again at about 2 o’clock.


Then it’s time for the child to go to bed, and the dog always enters the room and lies on the bed next to Parker. Sometimes she just wants to sleep with him, sometimes she wants to wake him up and go on a new adventure together.

She is so so gentle it’s the cutest thing ever. Sometimes she just wants to lay there with him! He loves waking up to his huskies he always has. The cheeky smile and personality really shines through. I think he thinks she’s his second mother and I think she loves that haha. She’s been there since day one makes me so happy to see the bond grow. Hope this makes you all smile like I do.

In a recent video posted on YouTube by the owners, Millie’s dog woke up little Parker, and many scenes were subdued. Especially people who always love dogs!

Source: Klipland