Bear with the saddest eyes held captive for over 30 years, has priceless reaction when she’s finally freed


About 3 decades ago, Fifi the Bear used to perform at a nice zoo in Pennsylvania. Life was so smooth for her. She would pull moves standing on her hind-legs and impress every tourist. And then the worse happened. The zoo closed down.

Fifi was left to wander around in the zoo to find a way to survive, an animal that doesn’t have the human intellect surely can do any well in such a desperate and lonely state. She lived her life in abandonment and sadness, but that’s before these guys stepped in to help.

Seeing that the animal was suffering from malnutrition and arthritis, the PETA and the guys from The Animal World Sanctuary decided to team up and do something. They took Fifi to a better place and treated her back to health. It was a glorious moment for the bear that spent 30 years living under deplorable conditions. You’ll be happy for Fifi.

Watch footage of Fifi’s rescue below.
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