Came across this adorable video that we had to share…


The needs of newborn babies certainly start out simple. Sleep, eat, and poop, oh my! Although infants come into the world with a limited set of experiences, as they grow and evolve, so do their facial expressions, thoughts, abilities, and reactions.

And my are these tiny beings enjoyable to watch! Only a baby could make an angry pout or troubled eyes look simply adorable! Meet baby Oliver, also known as “The ORB.”

Oliver’s father was fortunate enough to have the camera rolling when he asked Oliver a very simple question. And the baby’s response to the inquiry is now melting hearts everywhere!

Oliver’s father films as baby Oliver is waking up from a nap, and boy does this sleepy infant show off every facial expression and feeling in the book! As this darling baby emerges out of a deep sleep he yawns with passion, squirms with intent, stretches with strength, and adjusts with vigor – the “waking up moment” is too beautiful for words.

Finally, after a great deal of movement and shifting, baby Oliver gradually comes to a resting place and begins to slowly open his very heavy eyelids. His father is waiting patiently behind the camera with a very important question for his son…

With all of the precious expressions he’s been showing off for us, we certainly can’t wait to hear his response. He’s just too cute!!!

No sooner Oliver’s eyes open, his father says to him, “Good morning.” Oliver’s eyes suddenly widen as he glares right back at his dad – blinking slowly.

Then, Oliver’s dad asks, “Did you sleep well?” The baby continues to stare at his dad with a look of seriousness on his face, as if contemplating how to answer the question. All of a sudden, he “answers” the question.

Watch baby Oliver’s must-see, heart-melting response below: