Dad Introduces Newborn To Chihuahua For 1st Time Makes Moves Catching Even Mommy Off Guard


Eddie and Yvonne were thrilled when they found out they were expecting. Even though the family was ecstatic to welcome a little one into the world, no one was more excited than the couple’s Chihuahua, Quica. The feisty Chihuahua guarded Yvonne’s stomach for nine long months, snapping at anyone who got too close or moved too fast. She was the guard dog of this pregnant momma, no way around it! So when the time came for Eddie and Yvonne to bring their baby boy, Nicholas, home, they were nervous about how their pup would react. Would Quica be happy to see her new human brother? Or would she be overprotective of Yvonne and refuse to let the baby get close? The only way to find out was to give Quica a chance…

According to the American Kennel Club, there are several surefire tactics to help your pup get used to the newest family member. One helpful tool is to give your dog a chance to acclimate. In the days following your child’s birth, the site recommends bringing home an article of the baby’s clothing or their blanket. Allow your pup to sniff the item and cuddle with it, if they are so inclined. Another thing to help your dog and baby become best friends is to give your dog some time once the baby is home. Don’t force the baby on them – give them space and time to take in the new smells, sights and (loud) noises.

Mom filmed as Dad placed Nicholas down by his canine sister. This was the moment they had been waiting for! Hopefully, it would go well! Instead of snapping at the baby, Quica rolled over on her belly as if to say, “Hello! I mean no harm!” Mom let out a deep sigh or relief and Dad let out a big chuckle. There was nothing to be worried about! Take a peek at this heartwarming introduction in the video below. It certainly appears Quica and Nicholas will be the best of friends.