Ed Sheeran Starts To Sing But When Andrea Bocelli Joins In. Their ‘Perfect’ Duet Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


When Ed Sheeran released his new Album, “Divide,” back in March, the world stood still as songs like “Perfect” blew the internet away. Not to mention that the same incredible album scored a nomination for the Grammy award as the Best Pop Album. But that’s not what this clip is about!

This is about what happened when “Perfect” was released. First, Ed did a duet with Beyonce and it stole the hearts of millions. Next, he did something that’s now threatening to take the whole world into a trance!

Ed teamed with the famous Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, to come up with the perfect “collabo” for the song. This was all arranged by his brother, Matthew, who also happens to be working in the music industry. So you can bet these guys know what they’re doing at Andrea’s home in Italy.

All you need to do is listen for a few seconds to give these guys a standing ovation. With Ed doing his thing in English and Andrea all about it in Italian, you can expect one heck of a performance here. Now wait till Ed switches to Italian. Wow!