Base Jumper Has A Close Call With Death On Rock Tower In Utah


One of the camp jumpers cheated death in Moab, Utah, USA.

As an experienced BASE jumper with a lot of successful jumps under his belt, he decided to take on a special job.

On the day of the accident, he descended to the top of the cliff and the unforeseen happened – he landed on the rock, then slipped off the top and fell into the depths. Fortunately, the parachute did not fully open at this time and the base jumper was able to continue flying.

At the same time, he was overwhelmed with joy because he realized how close he was to death. Fortunately for him, everything ended well, and he will surely remember the dangerous work for the rest of his life.

Skydiving can be a very exciting experience, but we must never forget that our lives are priceless and such risks should not be underestimated. Watch a heartbreaking parachute drop.