Make The Perfect Broomstick Lace Stitch Without A Broomstick


There doesn’t always have to be a specific time or occasion to give gifts to your loved ones. It’s a given that you’ll go gift hunting for when it’s Christmas, your family member’s birthday, or an anniversary you share with your significant other. But sometimes it’s just nice to give for no reason, and it’s a great gesture to say thank you, and show appreciation.

There’s just something magical about giving and that reaction people have when they receive a present is always worth all the efforts. Am I right? But are you sometimes out of ideas when it comes to buying that special something for that special someone?

Well, maybe this post can help you out. I have a tradition when it comes to gift giving. I like to give personal gifts rather than something I picked up quickly in a store that the recipient may not even want or need. I like people to know that I spent time on my gift for them.

So, each year I make homemade gifts. Sometimes it’s baked goods, other times it’s jams and jellies. I’ve also been known to make a few crafts, like candles and snow globes (perfect for the winter seasons and right in time for Christmas!). Homemade gifts are fantastic for any occasion, be it Christmas, a birthday, or another occasion entirely.

Though I’ve had some success with needlework like cross stitch, I have never mastered crochet or knitting. But, I think it’s about time. I see so many beautiful scarves, gloves, afghans, tops and more and would love to make them for gifts. One particularly beautiful and useful stitch is the broomstick lace stitch. This video shows how to accomplish this particular stitch easily.

Click below to watch the full tutorial and learn how to make a homemade gift the next time you want to give someone something special. Share this video with family and friends and help them get creative!