Rude teen tells mom of crying baby to ‘shut that thing up,’ – has no clue his dad is listening in


Nobody likes to listen to a crying baby, but what many people seem to forget is that the baby’s parents are usually just as frazzled and frustrated – if not more so – about their baby’s crying. They know the people around them are going to get angry and annoyed and they are doing everything they can to get their child to calm down.

Exhausted parents are always grateful for a word of kindness and support from understanding strangers, and thankfully that’s exactly what mom Lucy Hatami got when she encountered a rude young man while out to breakfast recently.

Tired of being stuck in the house all day, Lucy decided to go out to breakfast with her 8-month-old son. While she was trying to get organized, though, her son began to get fussy.

Lucy tried desperately to calm him down, but before she could, she heard a 20-something young man muttering some unkind words meant directly for her.

“I wish she’d shut that thing up!” he said loudly enough for her to hear.

Lucy was taken aback and didn’t know what to say, but soon an unlikely hero came to her defense.

“Before I could even respond his dad comes up behind him clips him round the ear,” Lucy recalled.

“What and you think you were perfect?” he chastised his son. “You were a right little sod. Now stop being a brat, go up there and apologize to her and offer to get her breakfast as she clearly has her hands full!”

Clearly, this father remembered the challenges of raising young ones and he wasn’t about to let his son get away with being rude and disrespectful to a struggling mom.

“So I got my buffet breakfast with waiter service along with a lovely coffee,” Lucy wrote in a Facebook post. “Thank you to that dad who even after 20 odd years still remembers the difficulty of being parents to babies!”

It seems this dad may still have a little parenting of his own yet to do, but thankfully he is not afraid to do it! Hopefully, his son took his lesson to heart that day and remembers to treat others with a little more compassion and respect.

We never know what road another person is walking. What a good reminder to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and show them the same amount of kindness we ourselves would wish to receive!

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