Romeo And Juliet Themed Dance Moves The Judges The Greatest Performance


Talented dancers impress the judges on The Greatest Dancer during their moving performance of a Romeo and Juliet themed dance.

The Greatest Dancer is a dance talent show on BBC One, and it features incredible dancers from all over the world. Michael and Jowita are the dancers in this stunning Shakespearean performance. It starts off with Jowita standing above Michael on a balcony, with him kneeling down and looking up at her beauty. It looks just like the iconic scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Then, Jowita jumps into Michael’s arms with such grace and he catches her. It was absolutely exquisite to watch and a move that made the crowd erupt in cheers.

The pair dances together beautifully, doing turns and lifts all over the stage. While Michael and Jowita twirl around the stage while fog is covering the floor, the camera spins around them and gives viewers a sense of the atmosphere of the room. You can see that everyone there is enthralled and captivated by the performance.

The Greatest Dancer.Youtube

It’s impossible to take your eyes off Michael and Jowita as they elegantly tell a story with their dance moves. Later in their performance, soft and delicate petals start to fall from the sky as Michael beautifully lifts Jowita and spins her around in one breathtaking move.

“I just can’t stop watching this clip — absolutely beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing,” says one fan on YouTube.

Another person comments about how they reacted when they first saw this dance while they were watching the show on their TV. “At home when this finished, I stood up and applauded. I loved it. Cannot wait to see their next performance.”

Let’s hope that Michael and Jowita continue to make it through future rounds of The Greatest Dancer, because watching their talent is a feast for the eyes!

Source: Godtube