Bullied Girl Barely Finishes Blind Audition When Judges Slam Buzzer And Immediately Request Different Song


Mikayla Jade looked nervous as she took to the stage for “The Voice Australia,” but it doesn’t take long for her prove that she has what it takes to sing with the best of them. Clutching her mic as she faces the panel of judges for her blind audition, the 18-year-old takes a deep breath as she prepared to blow the crowd away with her talent.

Singing a chilling cover of “Dancing On My Own,” it is clear that the judges already know that she is a winner. The looks of their faces say it all, as they quickly start slamming their buzzers to spin around. The emotions in her voice are palpable, and by the time she is done there are tears streaming down her cheeks.

What she admits to the judges next instantly breaks their hearts. Discussing the pain of years of bullying and torment, she can hardly speak as the memories start flooding back. Hear the incredible words of wisdom judge Delta Goodrem gives her next – this will give you goosebumps to watch. And hear the teen’s unforgettable and haunting cover of “Dancing On My Own” in the video below – no wonder they all wanted her on their team!