Stray Dog Has 2 Years Matted Fur, Groomer Opens Store in Middle of Night to Completely Transform Him


There is so much a hairstyle transformation can do. Besides giving you a new look, it brings dramatic changes in one’s health and happiness.

The power of a good haircut impacts on animals too.

Lucky was almost hit by a car on a Florida highway. Fortunately, some people were kind enough to rescue the dog.

4-year-old Lucky was in a terrible state. The overgrown fur had taken over his body. He could not even walk or wag his tail. It was evident the dog was neglected.

Mary Dixon posted Lucky’s condition through a Facebook post. Kari Falla, a dog groomer, saw Dixon’s plea for help. Falla welcomed the dog to her grooming shop at midnight, way past her working hours. Lucky’s transformation began.

Grooming a normal dog takes one and half hour. However, it took Falla 3 hours to groom Lucky.

Lucky was able to walk properly and wag her tail. Although he was not accustomed to grooming, he loved the process. He is now living in a foster home as he awaits adoption.