If You Find A $100 Bill On Your Windshield, DON’T Grab It. It Could Cost You Your Life. Here’s Why


This holiday season, strangers should be wishing each other good tidings and being nicer than usual. Yet as we all know, most of the time that is not the case – never more obvious than during the nightmare of a “shopping holiday’ known as Black Friday.

Around this time every year, as the temperature drops, the number of robberies grows like clockwork. This year, a new threat is on the horizon for shoppers everywhere that could possibly cost them everything, just before the big day arrives.

This new plot that thieves have come up with involves placing a fake $100 bill under the windshield wipers on your car. It’s the perfect cover, because no one would really notice that until they already got in the vehicle, especially if they are carrying shopping bags.

Once the soon-to-be victim spots the cash on the windshield, the thief is assuming that they will leave the car running, get out and grab the money. Once they exit the vehicle, the thief makes their move and hops into the front seat. Soon they will be driving away will all your valuables, your car and perhaps even your children.

So if you ever see a $100 bill on the front windshield of your car, don’t assume it;s some good Samaritan just trying to help out a struggling parent. To be even more careful, just never leave your car alone with the keys in the ignition.

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