Jockey Does The Unthinkable to Horse Before Race – Shocking Footage is Making Animal Lovers


One thing is clear: you’re an accomplice if you don’t speak up against an injustice and much so if it happens to defenseless entities like animals. Silence is complicity. That’s why thousands of people are up in arms against what this guy did during a race. It’s unimaginable!

Dylan Caboche is a jockey, but it seems that he’ll be off the competitions for 2 cool weeks after he was suspended for doing the most disgusting thing ever witnessed by a huge crowd. It happened during a race when his horse couldn’t get his commands right. Angry at the innocent animal, Dylan punched the animal right in front of the whole crowd!

People couldn’t keep their calm. There was so much anger that Dylan had to be suspended from the sport for two weeks. But still, there are quite a number of people who think the 2-week suspension was too easy on him. They want him banned for life for his blatant animal abuse!

Here’s a video about this allegedly scandalous incident. Watch and drop us a comment with your opinion.