He Took An Entire Onion, Sliced It In Half And Rubs The Back Of His Hand. The Reason Why


Many people have a love hate relationship with onions. They are a key ingredient in some foods like stir fry, eggs, and just about anything savory, but also have a pungent aroma and cause your eyes to sting!

If you are on the fence about onions, then this article will surely make you a fan by the end. In fact, there are many uses for onions that don’t even relate to food!

This set of onions tricks can help you in a pinch when you don’t have the right materials or ointments. Who knew onions were so useful?

1.) Burns

Onions have special properties in their juice that acts as an immediate pain reliever. It will also prevent scarring which can help reduce the risk of infections.

2.) Insect Bites

Onions serve as a great way to treat bites as well. The will help suck out any poison and alleviate itching.

3.) Earaches

Putting a little bit of onion in your ear can help as a great aid for an earache. It will soften the wax in your ear and alleviate pain.

4.) Detox

Fresh onions absorb bacteria, so leaving some cut open lying around the house for a little while can help clean your air and detox your home!

5.) Fever

Onions have also been known to help alleviate a fever. Just put some in your socks overnight and you should wake up feeling fine. Weird but true!

Are you going to give any of these onion tricks a try? Let us know in the comments below!